How To Make Natural Remedies Work!

Have you ever come across a YouTube video or a random article that promises to give you glowing, spotless skin naturally? You listen to this beauty guru swear by this homemade face pack that is the answer to all your prayers. You mix up the ingredients, smear them on your face and start hoping for a miracle.

Only to realize it didn’t work for you!

Wait! Don’t give up on natural remedies just yet!

Here’s a guide to use natural remedies for your skin!

1.    Be Consistent!

You cannot and should not expect home remedies to work miracles on you overnight! They take time, and patience. Don’t give it up only after a week saying it didn’t work for your skin type. Give it at least a month, and sometime more than that. It is a much safer and better option than ruining your skin with chemicals for quick results!

2.    Diet helps too!

Not all the products on earth will help you if you do not change your diet accordingly. Have acne? Try cutting down sugar and dairy and see the difference. Include green veggies and fruits in your regular meals and have fun eating them! Food need not be boring. Experiment with a bowl of salad or prepare yourself a delicious fruit-chaat.

3.    Water is the way!

This cannot be said enough. Depriving yourself of hydration is the biggest crime you can commit to your skin. While natural remedies work on the outermost layers of the skin, it certainly helps if your skin is getting healthier inside out.

Water not only flushes out the toxins from your body, it also minimizes the appearance of pores and wrinkles. In fact, this is the quickest way to reduce dullness showing on your face. Aim for minimum 3 liters a day and see the change yourself!

4.    Save it from the Sun!

Almost half the progress your skin makes through these home remedies, go down the drain by spending only an hour in the sun. Wear a good sunscreen daily. Find the one that suits your skin type and never step out in the sun without wearing it!

5.    Choose the Right One!

Any random combination of ingredients will not work for all your problems. If you have a specific skin issue, collect multiple remedies and see why they work.

An important lesson! Do not apply any random combination you come across on the internet. Find a worthy and authoritative source that will tell you the correct remedy for your problem. It might be a YouTube channel or a website. But use the right thing only!

6.    Develop a routine!

Aloe Vera gel is supposed to be good for your skin right? But apply it before you step out in the sun and it might turn harmful!

That is why it is important to know how and when to use a remedy. Develop a routine and follow it religiously.

7.    Give your skin the rest it deserves!

Extreme use of anything is bad for your skin, even natural products might affect you negatively!

At least twice a week, give yourself a break from your beauty routine. It doesn’t mean neglecting the basic cleansing and moisturizing, but putting a small stop to all the additional things. Our skin has the ability to heal itself but it needs to breathe for that! Make sure you are not over doing your skin care regimen!

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