9 Actionable tips to boost your confidence!

Self confidence is a skill! Yes, more than a quality, it’s a skill coz it can be achieved, sculpted and owned even when you think it’s not for you. While incorporating it in your life is a long term thing, here are some actionable tricks and tips that can boost your confidence almost immediately.

1.  Groom yourself

A confident woman and flat boring hair, or dirty chipped nails! The image doesn’t fit together right?  That is why keeping yourself groomed plays a big role in your self confidence.

Trim out that dull end of your hair, keep your nails clean and well maintained.

How you take care of yourself says a lot about you and it could be your first and easiest step towards building your self confidence.

2. Spice up your wardrobe!

Okay, it’s probably time to get rid of your usual clothing. Find trendy clothes according to your body type. Wear dresses that flatter your figure and don’t be afraid of experiment. Wearing misfit clothes does not look good at all and we girls know dressing up nicely actually feels pretty amazing!

So go out, experiment with colors and fashion  and slowly build your wardrobe according to your style!

3. Posture says it all!

You probably don’t even realize it, but most women walk around all day with their shoulders and head slightly slouched and it makes such a huge difference.

Take time and watch how supermodels walk on runway or in real life! Their shoulders are straight and open and now compare it with your own posture.

Stand tall and straight. Keep your head high. Google a few exercises for correct postures and work on it to add a whole new dimension to your persona!

4. Hygiene

This cannot be emphasized enough. Keeping yourself clean not only makes you feel fresh, but confident too. Oral hygiene, feminine hygiene,  all these factors play a huge role in how you feel about yourself.

5. Fragrance matters!

It is now scientifically proven that how you smell, affects the other person’s perception of you.

Wear fresh clothes; invest in a good deo or perfume. Wash your hair often to avoid hair odor.

Moreover, see your own confidence soar when you smell heavenly!

6. Do your job like a boss!

Are you a student? Are you a professional? Do you have a hobby you’d like to make your profession someday? Then give in your 100 percent.

Knowledge about your field builds confidence? How do your colleagues see you? The girl who always gets her job done or the girl who is clueless about it? The girl who gives in her 100 percent or the lazy one who is always behind the deadline. Which image goes with the confident one?

So no matter what task you have in hand, small or big, complete it within time with perfection. This builds your image in the eyes of others as well as yours.

So if you have a job in hand, finish it like a boss!

7. Exercise

Negative image of your own body can leave your self confidence in shambles.

If you’re happy with your body, exercise to keep yourself healthy. If you’re not happy with your body, exercise to get the body you desire but get moving!

It’ll not only keep you fit and healthy, it will make you feel relaxed too! Studies have shown people who exercise daily sleep better too. And better sleep= better skin and a calm mind!

Even 20 minutes a day will do the job! So clear your schedule and get your body moving!

8. Own your principles

You don’t drink and your friends do? Be proud in admitting that.

You occasionally drink and your group doesn’t?

Be proud in admitting that too!

Nothing oozes out more confidence than owning your flaws and your principles! If there’s something you don’t like, have the guts to say no. If there’s something you love, embrace it without fear of how will others feel.

No matter what, never compromise with your values and remember

You are not born to please others!

9. Smile!

Ah! The ultimate weapon.

A smile on your face can lift up your mood almost instantly. It’s often said confident people enjoy their own company. So will you enjoy a company of a gloomy, sad woman?

Nah, we don’t think so!

Smile and laugh heartily. Find joy in little things. Be grateful. Be kind!


And finally, be your own kind of beautiful!


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