Effective Beauty Habits to Transform your Skin!

Sometimes, small changes create wonders. A beauty regime is no exception to that. So here are a few simple tips that will not only enhance your natural beauty and glow but are easiest ever to follow!

1. Cleansing before bedtime!

It doesn’t matter if you wear makeup on a daily basis or not, washing your face right before bedtime is a must!

Entire day your skin suffers a lot from pollution, harmful rays and it’s own oil secretion. By not cleansing it before you sleep, you are letting bacteria thrive on your face overnight.

No matter how exhausted you are, never ever sleep without properly cleansing your face before bed!

Pro tip: If you’re too exhausted to clean your face every night, keep a bottle of rosewater and cotton wipes handy. Wipe your face clean and you’re all set! (doesn’t work if you had makeup on)

2. Scrubbing it off!

Over and under exfoliation, both are a big no no! Your face and entire body needs a good scrubbing at least twice a week and no more than three times at any cost!

Most of us usually remember to exfoliate our face but completely ignore the body! Don’t forget that your body needs care too.

Pro tip:

For face: mix rice flour, turmeric and lime juice to make a gentle yet effective scrub!

For Body: Nothing beats a sugar scrub and olive oil mix for exfoliating your body. Mix up a few drops of lime juice if you’re trying to get rid of tanning.

3. Green tea!

If you still don’t know what all the hype is about, you might wanna give green tea a chance. Fitness and beauty gurus swear by its benefits and they’re not at all wrong!

This simple drink helps flush out toxins from your body, improves digestion and makes you feel energetic. So much for a tiny cup of goodness! Make it a habit of having atleast one cup of it everyday to feel the refreshing change!

Pro tip: Instead of adding green tea in your life separately, replace your usual tea/coffee with it to double the benefits!

4. Move your body!

A study has shown that people who spend even a few minutes in exercising, sleep better than the ones who don’t move a muscle at all!

It’s not only for losing weight, it is one of the best methods to revitalize dead skin cells! It reduces the appearance of cellulite and increased circulation makes way for lush, gorgeous hair! So, what excuse are you giving yourself now to avoid your workout sessions?

Pro tip: If you cannot make time for working out at all, try going for a few minutes of jog instead!

5. Sunscreen!

Saves you from harmful UV rays, blocks premature aging, prevents tanning and sunburns, reduces the chance of skin cancer and stops black spots and skin discoloration!

Do we need to say more?

6. Dry Brushing!

Many of us don’t even know about this technique that might be the quickest way to transform your skin!

Dry brushing is a technique that takes less than 10 minutes a week and still gives you wonderful results! In this you take a brush and exfoliate your dry skin by stroking the brush in circular, upward motion preferably starting from your feet.

It helps in the blood flow and reduces cellulite and stretch marks too! It’s probably the most useful 10 minutes you’ll spend for your skin!

Pro tip: Don’t start dry brushing with the first brush you get your hands on. There are specific brushes made for it with natural fibers and you should use them only!

7. Keeping hands off your face!

Simplest, yet the most ignored beauty habit!

Our hands come in contact with ton of things and a million bacteria during the day! Unknowingly, we transfer half of them to our face!

Unnecessarily touching your face might really worsen your acne condition. Rubbing and touching near the eye area can cause premature wrinkles and what not! And yet so many of us do exactly the same!

Keep reminding yourself not to touch your face on regular intervals coz half of the time, we do it unconsciously.

Pro tip: Carry wet facial wipes or normal tissues with you in case you absolutely have to touch your face! Avoid direct contact with your hands as much as possible!

So here are our picks for the most essential and effective beauty habits of all time! Which one did you like the most?

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Keep sparkling!


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