Wonders Of Aloe Vera..!

If we have to recommend only one product that is a must for every single skin type out there, our votes will hands down go to Aloe Vera. Without a moment of doubt!
Aloe Vera has been called Nature’s wonder plant for a reason. It has been used for beauty purposes for well over 5000 years and it still seems to find its way in most households even today!
This short stemmed plant stores water in its leaves and is enriched with vitamin, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. It can literally be a solution half your skin problems and here are a few reasons you must always, always have Aloe Vera gel in your vanity.

Aloe Vera use in spa for skin care
● Reverses Aging
Aloe Vera stimulates production of collagen and elastin, both skin supporting proteins that delay the process of aging.
● For Lush, healthy hair!
Aloe Vera gel mixed with lime juice can be used as a DIY homemade natural conditioner to treat dry and damaged hair.
● For satin smooth skin!
As we grow older, it becomes tougher for our blood to transfer vital nutrients to the outermost layer of the skin. Topical application of aloe vera becomes much more important as it penetrates 4 times better than natural water!
● Blackheads? No more!
Now this is the most amazing thing aloevera can do to your skin. A regular use of fresh aloe vera gel gets rid of blackheads and whiteheads! Can you ask for a simpler remedy?
● Reduces spots
Okay, not a quick, but definitely a long term solution. Consistent use of this amazing gel will considerably reduce stubborn dark spots that refused to leave your skin even after years!
● Boon for oily skin
Okay, if you have oily skin or you sweat a lot, you need to start using aloe vera today!
Long term use of aloe vera gel not only reduces oil secretion, but also controls facial sweating which can be pretty embarrassing for some ladies.


Other than all this, aloe vera is virtually one product first aid. It can be used to treat first and second degree burns due to anti inflammatory properties it has! If you treat a wound with aloe vera, chances are it won’t leave a scar. Consumption of aloe vera juice also help in digestion.

So now that you know how amazing and life changing aloe vera can be for your skin, here are three amazing remedies you can prepare in no time without needing any other ingredient!

1. Aloe gel can be used as a perfect alternative for a night cream. Just massage it on your clean face and leave it overnight!
2. For second remedy, you can use aloe vera in your natural facial regimen as a massage creme to leave your skin hydrated and full of bounce!
3. For the third remedy, packaged aloe gel cannot be used. Try to wash your hair with fresh aloe vera gel instead of shampoo. The process is time taking but definitely worth it! Even then if you feel your hair are dirty, you can use a very tiny amount of shampoo to cleanse your hair! This is like giving your hair a nourishing treatment every time you wash it!
So here’s everything we would want you to know about this wonderful natural beauty enhancer! We really hope you try out a few remedies and tell us what worked best for you!

Keep Sparkling!


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