How to reduce facial sweating! 

Summer is round the corner, and if you if you suffer from excess sweating on your face, it could be already giving you a headache! Your makeup turns into a puddle, your face looks like a mess and it seems like you can’t even control it!

But maybe you can!

There are multiple reasons for excessive facial sweating. While you cannot completely control it,  you can definitely reduce it to a considerable extent!  

So don’t worry ladies! We’ve got your back!  here are a few tips to make sure you look rosy fresh entire summer!  

  1. Cut Down Sugar 

Sugar is a toxin and it makes you sweat profusely! It sends your system into hyperventilation and anxiety, both of which fuels sweating.

While you may not cut sugar entirely from your life, cutting it down will certainly help.

If it doesn’t motivate you enough to reduce your sugar intake,  know that cutting down sugar also helps in fighting acne!

  1. Say no to Caffeine & Alcohol too!

Same thing as sugar!  Cut them down as much as possible to avoid excess sweating!

  1. Green tea!

This wonderful drink helps in perspiration too! Talk about multiple benefits!

Adding green tea to your day will make sure your nerves are relaxed and your system is not stressed. It is also helpful in digestion so that your system doesn’t have to fight alone to food intolerance, so it would be life transforming to switch your evening tea/coffee with green tea.

And remember, no sugar!

  1. Yoga & Meditation!

More than bad dietary and lifestyle habit, the biggest reason for excessive sweat is your stressed and troubled body!

Nourishing your mental and spiritual health must be as important as your physical health. You might think meditation is overrated but you wouldn’t know until you try it yourself!

Practice regular meditation and exercise to flush out toxins and stay healthy!

  1. Home Remedies!

No matter what the situation is, mother nature is always here to rescue you. Here are 3 amazing remedies to help with your facial sweating!

  • Ice Cubes!

Probably the easiest one!

Every night before bed, take one ice cube in a muslin cloth and rub it all over your face. Do the same half hour earlier before you get ready to go out and you’ll stay fresh for much longer!

  • Sandalwood

Mix sandalwood with rosewater and apply the paste for half an hour every other day.  Sandalwood keeps the skin dry and fights off the sweat as well!

  • RoseWater

The biggest mistake you do when your face feels oily or sweaty, is to grab your facial cleanser and wash it off multiple times!

DO NOT wash your face more than twice with your facewash! If your skin feels dry, it produces more oil and sweat to reduce dryness. If anything, your skin will feel much more oily and sweaty.

Instead, whenever you wanna feel fresh, dab a cotton pad into rosewater and clean your face with it! It will not only clean your face, but also leaves you feeling fresh!

So here are the few ways you can control your perspiration and stay amazingly fresh!

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Keep Sparkling!


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