15 things you’ll relate to if you love wearing *Black*

You’ve been taunted about it,  you’ve been teased about it, and you’ve been questioned about it.

Yet you love black like anything!

If you’re one of those awesome people who love wearing black all the time, here are things you will absolutely relate to!

  1. This quote is your life mantra!

It’s not just a random quote anymore. This is your mental response when people annoy you over the color of your choice!

  1. It never goes out of style!

This is not even a joke! When was the last time you worried about what color is in and what is not?

You ain’t got time for this coz black is timeless!

  1. “Bhaiya, ye black me dikhana!”

Isn’t it your most used line ever? If you see a beautiful dress, you can’t help but think how gorgeous it’ll look in black!

  1. Your Friends know *which* color you will show up in!

It’s like occasions don’t even matter anymore. Be it a day outing or a nighttime bash, your friends will be decked up in pretty colors while you will be wearing black most of the time!

  1. You feel confident in black!

Yes, no other color makes you feel comfortable and confident anymore. You already know you look your best in black and it’s empowering!

  1. You’d even wear that to a beach!

As we said earlier, occasions don’t matter anymore!

  1. Your online shopping starts with color sorting!

The first thing you do, is to check what they’ve got in *black*

  1. It takes up your entire wardrobe!

All your black clothes take up 90 percent of your wardrobe! Few other colors that you purchased because of your friends, are shoved in a lonely corner!

  1. Your friends and family had tried to brighten up your closet!

And failed miserably! Coz you always sneak atleast one piece of black in your outfit!

  1. It is your happy color!

When people accuse you for being boring and dull, all you wanna do is grab them by collar and tell them it is something you wear to celebrate, to rejoice, to party and to live!

  1. This is your first choice for formals…

  1. …And the first choice for parties!

  1. You don’t Care about the weather!

It’s going to take more than a daunting summer and scorching heat to separate you from the color.

Summer, spring or rain, black is your shade!

  1. No Other Color feels *Classy*

Black and greys define your statement for class. You always find other bright colors childish and definitely, not your type!

  1. You pull it off like a boss!

You know it! And people who know you know it too! Black makes you feel sexy and powerful and there’s no other color you will ever wear with so much authority and confidence!

Black is your shade and you’re always going to rock it!

A huge shoutout to all the black lovers! Did you find the article fun? Which is the trait you related to the most?

Keep sparkling !


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