10 things only your bestie will do for you!

She is your sister from another mister, your partner in crime and your most trusted advisor. She is your best friend!

From deciding the color of your dress to helping you out in life changing decisions, she’s been there for all. So a huge shout out for that special girl and here are the things she’ll willingly do for you, always!

1. She’s the one who is going to be honest af and tell you that you look fat in that dress!

2. When you’re out shopping, it’s her approval you need before you buy even a single item!

3.She’s always gonna be a sweetheart and cover for you when you’re sneaking out to your boyfriend’s place!

 4.she hates a person simply because, well you hate that person!

5.Your boyfriend knows it’s her wrath he will have to face if he ever decides to hurt you!

6.She’ll listen to you complain about everything in your life all night, even though she has to rush to office in the morning.

7.She is the only one who’s allowed to share your food, and your clothes!

8.She becomes your pro makeup and fashion guru whenever you’ve got a date!

9.She knows about that one movie or series you absolutely love but are too embarrassed to accept in public! 

10.Remember that incident you thought you were too embarrassed to share with anyone ever? Well now, your bestie knows about every detail of that one incident, and so many others. And you know she’ll keep all your secrets safe!

Cheers to the bond called friendship!

Keep Sparkling.


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