12 Awesome #HairHacks for the Summer! 

It’s only april and we’re already fighting with heat,  humidity and frizz. Doesn’t it feel like almost a non ending battle with our hair which turn greasy every other day? And what about the damage this striking sunlight does!

Washing your hair too often is a bad,  bad idea. This is not only a temporary solution,  but can also damage your hair in the long run!

But keep your worries at bay,  coz glittercodes is here for your rescue. Just a little bit of care and you can enjoy gorgeous, lush hair throughout this summer!

  • Keep your hair covered from the direct sunlight. A hat or a scarf should always be there with you,  and if you like none of them, try carrying an umbrella. This not only saves your hair from harmful UV rays, but also makes sure your mane is not ripped of it’s moisture.
  • Aloe Juice and gel should be your best friend when it comes to damage repair. Take a little bit of aloevera gel and apply it all over your clean hair and leave it for 3p minutes before rinsing it off with cold water.
  • If you think you can skip conditioning because of humid weather, chuck the idea right now. Humidity causes even more frizz and this makes conditioning quite compulsory!
  • No matter how much you cover your head,  a little bit of damage in inevitable. Thus your hair demand a little bit of extra care too and a hot oil treatment once a week can do the trick for you!
  • Remember what we said earlier about not washing your hair too frequently. That is because washing your hair too often can rob them off their natural moisture making them lose their shine and health.
  • Instead before washing your hair in the middle of the week, dilute some lemon juice with a lot of water and spray it in your hair. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then wash it off. This will make sure your hair doesn’t turn greasy for a long time!
  • If you love going swimming in summers, chlorine can be harmful for your hair too. Make sure you have wet your hair before entering the pool. This way, there will be lesser direct damage. Or if you can, you should always cover your hair with swimming caps.
  •  With all the heat already being too much to handle,  give your heat stylers a bit of rest. It’s much better to style your hair naturally rather than assaulting them with heat tools like straighteners and curling irons.
  • Air drying your hair ›› blow drying your hair!
  • Instead of going for a tight hairstyle or open hair, it’s better to opt for a loose, comfortable hairstyle like a loose side pony or a messy braid.
  • After you’ve applied sunscreen to your body, slightly run your fingers through your hair. A little amount of sunscreen is good for your hair too!
  • Opt for a conditioner rinse: this simply means if you HAVE to wash your hair coz it somehow turned greasy only a day after shampooing, try washing it with plain water only and then apply conditioner before rinsing again. A conditioner rinse is a great option for those who love to wash their hair everyday but don’t want to damage it with excess shampooing!

So here were our top tips for gorgeous hair this Summer. Follow these simple rules and you’ll be summer ready,  everyday! 

Keep Sparkling! 


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