Awesome and Affordable : Lipsticks under Rs. 400! 

For a college going student,  it’s definitely not possible to spend thousands of rupees on makeup products,  thus we tend to look for cheaper options and sometimes,  this could turn out to be a real blunder! 

The first ones to suffer are often our lips! Girls often by cheap lipstick thinking they’re saving money and completely ignoring that they’re ruining their lips in the long run. Prolonged usage of these cosmetics can harm the natural pigmentation of your lips and they tend to become darker. These lip colors often result in chapped,  flaky lips that doesn’t look good on anyone. 

Lip care should be as important as skin care in your beuty regimen. Make sure your lips are always well moisturized and you don’t need to spend huge amount of money for that.  Petroleum jelly works just as fine! 

Twice a week,  also exfoliate your lips with sugar and honey to get rid of the dead cells. 

Now, coming back to the original topic. You do not need to compromise with quality because of the price. Here we bring you some super awesome lipstick for a very reasonable price range. 

This one time investment will make sure you’re caring for your lips and also, these look much much better on your lips than those rodeside lipsticks you buy! 

  • Maybelline Color Show Matte Lipstick

Rs. 325

The actual price of this lipstick is close to rs 325 but you can easily get it under rs 300 on many online shopping sites. 

The most amazing quality of this matte finish lipstick is the staying power. This easily stays on your lips for 5 to 6 hours without any touchups. 

Another perk is that there are variety of shades you can choose and the colors are super rich in pigmentation. 

You might wanna apply this lipstick on well moisturized lips for a better finish. 

Recommended ShadesChilly

Pop of Pink

Hot Chilly

  • Lakme 9 to 5 Matte Lip Color

Actual Price: INR 450

Current Online Price: INR 380

Okay we cheated a bit. But this product is too cool to be left out from the list. Especially when it’s on sale on big sites like nykaa. 

This lipstick comes with the goodness of vitamin E so it is basically awesome for your lips. 

The most amazing thing about this one is that this is super long lasting and doesn’t transfer much. You can practically apply this lipstick and forget about the touchup for 6 7 hours! 

And especially the red ones from this collection are killing it! 

  • Colorbar Velvet Matte

Price: INR 325

this one comes with a very large shade range to choose from. They practically have the perfect shade for every skin tone out there. 

Matte lipsticks can often be drying on the lips but not this one. Despite giving a classy matte finish, the formula is very creamy and keeps your lips from drying! 

This lipstick in it’s price range is undoubtedly the best matte lipstick and it lasts more that 5 hours easily! 

The shade bare 58 is most popular nude shade from the collection although if you love pop of colors, you can go for shy cherry or peach rush. 

  • Lakme Enrich Matte

Price: INR 295

Another awesome product from Lakme that is dedicated to vibrant colors! 

You can choose from 20 funky and awesome colors and the makers claim instant color payoff and no drag on the lips. 

Despite being a matte lipstick, this one has a smooth texture and thus its very easy to apply. 

With this one too, you might wanna moisturize your lips before applying as the colors are a bit drying. 

Overall,  a very decent product for its price! 

  • Maybelline Color Show

Price: INR 299

The shades of this lipstick is especially made for indian skin tones so you can find your perfect lip color in this collection. 

You might wanna touchup after 3 4 hours but the shades are worth every single penny you spend on this product! 

This one has a subtle glossy finish on the lips and the colors are so intense with only 2 swipes,  you will be good to go! 

  • Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lip Color


this one comes packed with the goodness of jojoba and aloe vera.  As always, lotus brings you a product that is natural and good for your lips! 

This one comes with a plethora of good shades to choose from and although its not matte, the finish is perfect for an evening or a party! 

The texture is super creamy and if you’re in a hurry,  you can skip moisturizing your lips and apply it straight to your lips. This formula is not drying at all and coral shades of this collection are super amazing! 

  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick

Price: INR 250

this one comes with densely pigmented colors and unique color shine complex. 

The shades are not matte but also not super glossy thus you can easily wear this lipstick in daytime. This is not very transfer proof but one touchup and you’re good for entire day! 

Overall, a decent product! 

  • Maybelline Color Show Big Apple Red Lipsticks

Price: INR 325

And red lovers,  here comes the BOMB of a product from maybelline! 

The 6 different shades of red will make you fall in love and each one of them is worth drooling! 

The company is willing to “light up the diva in you with its luscious shades”

This super long lasting lipstick has a matte finish and comes with a pleasant fruity smell! 

Overall,  a MUST buy product for your lipstick collection! 
So ladies,  here you are,  with awesome and affordable lip colors and you must invest in them, even if you are a beginner. Remember,  your lips also deserve all the care in the world! 
Keep Sparkling! 


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